Are you looking for help with your divorce? Are you questioning whether or not divorce is the right path for you? Are you scared about what life may look like as a divorced woman? Untangling a life takes an emotional toll on all parties involved. Working with divorce coach may be the right answer for you. Divorce is a very lonely and challenging process. As women, we are often considered the “out spouse” having to rebuild all the logistical aspects of everyday living, as well as caretaking when children are involved. As a divorce coach working in Beverly Hills and the surrounding area’s my mission is to help women avoid the pitfalls that I experienced in my own divorce journey. I help women in the predivorce, divorce, and postdivorce phases get back on their feet so that they can rebuild a life that is most aligned with their truest and highest selves. 

As a divorce coach and advocate I help women identify possible setbacks, anticipate what may be coming around the corner while keeping the big picture in mind as a primary goal. I understand that divorce is like navigating a field of landmines, I have walked the path myself. I understand that my role as a divorce coach is to help women carefully and strategically walk through the field feeling empowered knowing that they are not alone in the process. 

Working with women in Beverly Hills, and surrounding areas, I facilitate a community of women and support groups as they navigate the divorce transition. Divorce is a lonely and oftentimes shame inducing process. Having a supportive community of women going through similar challenges, is empowering and inspiring. 

I hope you make the choice to dive in with me. I look forward to meeting you where you are.